C. frutescens

Capsicum frutescens facts (from TheChileMan):

  • C. frutescens (“shrubby” or “bushy”) is not widely cultivated with the exception of the Tabasco, which has been used in the manufacture of the world-famous sauce since 1848.
  • Another famous variety is the Malagueta, which grows in the Amazon basin (Brazil) where the species probably originated.
  • C. frutescens plants have a compact habit, have many stems and grow between 30 and 120 cm high depending upon local conditions.
  • The flowers have greenish white corollas with no spots and purple anthers.
  • Pod types – less varied than the other species (with the exception of C. pubescens) – are often small, pointy and grow erect on the plants.
  • This species is particularly good for container gardening – a single plant can produce 100 or more pods.