C. pubescens

Some more interesting stuff about the Capsicum pubescens species (from TheChileMan):

  • C. pubescens (“hairy”) is probably the least common on the five domesticated species and is the only domesticated capsicum species with no wild form.
  • It is probably the most difficult of the five domesticated species to grow.
  • One interesting point to note is that the species is ‘isolated’ from the other domesticated species as it cannot cross-pollinate with them.
  • C. pubescens has a compact to erect habit (sometimes sprawling and vine like) and can grow up to 2.4 m tall, although 60 cm is more usual.
  • The flowers have purple corollas, purple and white anthers and stand erect from the leaves.
  • The pods are normally pear or apple shaped.
  • The most distinguishing feature of these peppers are their black seeds.
  • The chilis themselves are very pungent, approx 5 cm long and 3.8 cm wide, and resemble miniature bell peppers.
  • They mature in color from green to red.