C. chinense

Some interesting facts about this species (from Wikipedia, TheChileMan, and Floridata):

  • Capsicum chinense or “Chinese capsicum” is a misnomer since all the capsicum species originate in the Americas. The Dutch botanist who erroneously named the species believed that the plant originated in China.
  • C. frutescens and C. chinense are quite difficult to distinguish, and many authorities lump them as one species, C. frutescens, characterized by having two or more purple or greenish white flowers at each node.
  • C. chinense (and C. frutescens) originated in the Amazon basin (Brazil) and spread to the Caribbean and then to Central and South America.
  • The pod types, as well as the plants are very varied in this species, although they are characterised by a distinctive fruity aroma often described as apricot-like.
  • Being a tropical species, they tend to do best in areas of high humidity.
  • They are relatively slow growers, having longer growing seasons than many of the other species, and seeds can take a long time to germinate.
  • They grow from 30 to 160 cm high, with pale to medium-green, large and wrinkled leaves.
  • Flowers have white to greenish corollas and purple anthers and filaments.