Chili pepper plant identification – flowers

First, a disclaimer: the characteristics described below are generalizations – there are always exceptions; hence, they must be taken in connection with other identifying traits.  The more distinguishing characteristics are highlighted.  Also, I am focusing here on the five main species of the Capsicum genus; there are many others, though not as common/popular.



C. annuum C. baccatum C. chinense C. frutescens C. pubescens
Pedicels (flower stems) at each node: solitary (occasionally in clusters) solitary two or more (occasionally solitary) solitary (occasionally in clusters) solitary
Pedicels (flower stems) during blossoming: usually declining erect or declining erect or declining erect but flowers nodding erect but flowers nodding
Corolla (petal) color: milky/creamy-white (occasionally purple), without spots white or greenish-white, with distinctive scattered dark green, brown or yellow spots at base greenish-white (occasionally milky/creamy-white or purple), without spots greenish-white, without spots purple (occasionally with white margins and/or white base), without spots
Corolla (petal) shape: usually straight usually slightly rolled backward at the edge usually straight often slightly rolled backward at the edge usually straight
Anther (pollen sack) color: purple and white yellow or tan purple purple purple and white
Examples: C. annuum flowerC. annuum flower C. baccatum flowerC. baccatum flower C. chinense flower C. frutescens flower C. pubescens flowerC. pubescens flower
purple and white

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