Rocoto (C. pubescens)

The rocoto (from Quechua ruqutu), or locoto (from Aymara luqutu) (Capsicum pubescens) is a medium sized round chili pepper common in Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile, northern Argentina, and Ecuador.” – Wikipedia

“C. pubescens is the only pepper species with black seeds (all the others are straw colored). The stems and leaves are slightly fuzzy. This is the most distinctive of all the cultivated peppers. The fruits look like small apples and have very thick fleshy walls. They are extremely piquant.” – Floridata

Floridata also mentions that rocotos do not flower until the days shorten to 12 hours of daylight, and won’t flower if temperatures are much above 27º C.

According to, rocotos “tend to develop like erect small trees. This plant in the summer assumes a white colouring; it is large in size and can reach 3 m high. It keeps its leaves in the winter. The rocoto develops like a shrub.