• What

    • A research project related to growing chili peppers, and documenting the experience.

  • Who

    • An amateur naturalist.
    • You can contact the author by leaving a comment on this page.

  • Where

    • A house in Arequipa – a city in the southern part of Peru, which lies at around latitude 16.5 south, at an elevation of about 2,500 m.
    • This is an arid region, with very little rain, lots of sun, and an average daytime/nighttime temperature of 22° C/7° C.

  • When

    • Sometime in the 21st century.
    • Due to being in the southern hemisphere, the daylight/darkness ratio is the opposite of the northern latitudes (i.e., shortest day here is June 21).

  • Why

    • For decoration and consumption.
    • A hobby.
    • To learn from the experience.

  • How

    • Section layout
      • OVERVIEW: this page.
      • REFERENCES: external source information and references.
      • Main project page: journal posts/project updates/progress reports and useful facts/observations/recommendations based on experience acquired.
      • See the menus on the right and along the top for navigation.
Constructive comments/observations on the posts appreciated.

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