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C. baccatum varieties

Ají is the name given to most (if not all) of the C. baccatum varieties.

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C. baccatum

Some facts on this species (from Floridata, etc.):

  • Capsicum baccatum (“berry-like”) probably originated in northern Argentina and Bolivia.
  • Most of the peppers cultivated and eaten in South America belong to this species. These are usually called ají when fresh (with a fruity flavor), and cusqueño when dried. They are rarely found outside of South America.
  • The plants are tall (1.5-2.5 m) with large dark green leaves.
  • C. baccatum is distinguished from the other species by the flower corollas being white with distinctive dark green or brown spots, and anthers being yellow or tan, with prominent teeth on the calyx.
  • Many of the ajís will not flower until days have only 12 hours of daylight.
  • Pods are usually erect and become pendant as they mature.
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